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Examples of Sport Captain Badges. (Thorpe, Fenton, Mellors, Braithwaite)

Sport Captains are nominated students who are responsible for managing their form's sporting activites. Chosen by their fellow colleguges, sport captains have a responsibility to manage, help, and encourage students in Sport. Sport Captains can seek advice from Form Tutors, as can any role-given student. They can be recognised by wearing a badge, often the colour of their form. They are not to be confused with house captains or school councillors.


To become a sport captain, you must be chosen by other students in your form. They're are many ways of being chosen, but the popular method is by voting. You are also sometimes given 30 seconds to talk to your form as to why you should be chosen as sports captain. Afterwards, the form decides, and the one who has the most votes is elected.

Sport captains can change every year, so there are 5 possible chances as to becoming a sport captain. Each form has a male and female sport captain, so their is variation to eliminate sexist discrimination.


When being nominated for sport captain, they're will be called for a meeting. In this meeting, they should sign an agreement which confirms their responsiblity and role as a sport captain. Once this has been verified, the deputy head and the head of house should also sign this. This makes you a sport captain.

Invalid Contribution to RoleEdit

If a sport captain is found misbehaving, or not being commited to his/her role, they can be violated and no longer become a sport captain. Instead, their badge can be given to another student, making them no longer a sport captain. This is stated on the agreement.


Unlike House Captains, sport captains are responsible for any sporting activities that happen in the form. They can manage, list, and deicde who does what in terms of physical education. Male sport captains decide which activities boys participate in, and Female sport captians deicde which activites females participate in.


Sport captains are given a badge. The colour varies as to what house you are in (e.g, if you are in Fenton, you are given a green badge). Written on the badge is 'SPORT CAPTAIN'. They are given this in the initial meeting, when they sign their agreement.