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Richard Philpot, in one of his several profile pictures.

"I think people's personalities can be reflected through their hair" -- Richard Philpot

Richard Philpot (formally known as Richard John Philpot) is a student born on 8th August 1997 (age 13). Richard is a year 9 student at Aspley Lane, who can be seen working in Pathway 1. Richard is in the Fenton House.


Early LifeEdit

Richard attended Mornington Primary School, a primary school in Nuthall, Nottingham. Richard was a lively boy, who went through stages of enjoying Star Wars and The Hulk. In his time at Mornington, he was in noteable classes such as: The Harriers, The Centipedes and The Red Deer. Especially in his time in The Centipedes class, Richard excelled in his homework projects, producing some excellent work. He attended the 32nd Boys Brigade Group hosted at the Nuthall Methodist Church.

Life at BluecoatEdit

Richard's life at Bluecoat started terribly well, when he was voted as house captain in year 7. Richard was also in all top-sets in year 7, except in science, when he was in second set. Richard seemed very quiet in year 7, and wasn't as outgoing as he is in year 9. In year 8, Richard took more of an outgoing personality, becoming more confident with girls. This trait is also portrayed in year 9. Richard is a very intelligent chracter. He is currently taking triple-award science, as well as being in top-set for all primary subjects (English, Maths, Science).

Awards/School HonoursEdit

Richard has recieved many certifiates, and can be credited in the 'Top 5 Male Students in Year 9 - Merits'. Richard is currently taking triple-award science. He was a fenton house captain in year 7.


Richard has a unique personality, one that many people do not tend to have. Richard is a very smiley person, although he does not have completely optimistic thoughts. Richard has been often critcized as 'a bitchable person', referring to him bitching about his friends. However, he does tend to get along with people at Bluecoat, and is not afraid to meet new people along the way.


Richard's musical taste generally bases around rock music, where he has a passion for rock band 'Paramore'. He admires Hayley Williams, the lead singer. He also has tastes for other bands, such as Bowling for Soup, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, blink182, and many more.

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