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Nathanael Siddo
(commonly reffered as 'Nathan' or 'Kevin') is a student born on 13th March 1997 (age 14). Nathanael is a year 9 student, who can be seen working in Pathway 1. Nathaneal Siddo is in the Rippon House.



Nathanael 'popped out' on 13th March 1997, at City Hospital, a popular choice for Nottingham residents. Nathanael has claimed to have had no problems at birth, or so he had hoped.

Early Life

Nathanael has never been bullied at primary school. His primary school life has been described as 'fine'. This shows Nathan's enjoyment in his work. During his spare time, Nathan showed a huge interest in the works of Dr. Kawashima, a psychologist whom studies the brain.

Life at Bluecoat

Nathanael's life at Bluecoat has been fairly good. First starting off in Pathway 2 in Year 9, Nathan has excelled and pushed himself into Pathway 1, joining such legends as Haider Saleem. This is a sign of great intelligence.

Awards & School Honours

Nathaneal has not yet recieved any known school honours so far, but may recieve one in times to come. (revison compulsary)

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