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Max Power Taylor, as seen in his school uniform.

Max Taylor (formally known as Max 'Power' Taylor on Facebook) is a student born on 23rd June 1997 (age 13). Max is a year 9 student at Aspley Lane, who can be seen working in Pathway 1. Max Taylor is in the Mellors House, in which he is a house captain. He is also a year 9 school councillor.


Awards & School HonoursEdit

Max Taylor has recieved many school honours and awards during his time at The Nottingham Bluecoat School. Max is well-known for being a House Captain for three years running and a School Councillor for two.


Max seems to have an outgoing personality, and is well-known across Year 9 students, and maybe even the whole school. Max is an athiest, and can normally be criticized for his arguments by his fellow collegues. Max can be also well-known for his sense of humour. His jokes are favoriated among many, although sometimes they can offend many.

Andrea Carter (2010)Edit

Max has opened a fictional Twitter character on October 2010 named 'Andrea Carter', a mother of two with a wife named Clyde. Andrea Carter has a unique personality, and reports her every day life. Andrea Carter is created for 'comedy purposes only', and should not be taken offensively. A member of 'The British Comedy Guide Forums' described Andrea Carter as 'CatBinLady'. Max also co-runs the profile of another character called 'Bertha ', who is a school cleaner.

Fudge This Sherbet (2011)Edit

On 7th April 2011, Max Taylor and Haider Saleem decided to co-operate in a new project named 'Fudge this Sherbet'. It is a joint-blog where Haider and Max both participate and talk about new topics, often having different opinions. The blog is created on Tumblr, and is created for entertainment purposes only. It is confirmed that Fudge this Sherbet should not replace Max's or Haider's existing Tumblr accounts. The first post "Human Nature" was written by Max, followed by "Can I borrow your Google?". Both articles can be found on Facebook.

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