Interhouse Sports are sports played by students by the Nottingham Bluecoat School. They are generally recognised by their form, in which they play as a team. Interhouse sports can vary, from basketball, football, hockey, and many other team-related sports. They are commonly organised by sports captains.

2010/2011 (Year 9) Interhouse SportsEdit

The first interhouse sport of 2010/11 school year was interhouse basketball. Inglis put on a great performance against a numerous amount of teams, Mellors, Braithwaite and many more. Each player in the contest had incredible enthusiasm towards the event and it was a good few weaks to remember. In the final match, Inglis vs Rippon, Inglis went out with hearts thinking that they were going to win. However, Inglis had already lost to rippon in the contest in a previous match. They we could win and they concentrated more on the winning then the task ahead of them. Every time Inglis had the ball, they were rushing with there heads down and when it came to shots they were poor alltogether. Kudos to Rippon for beating Inglis 10-2 (5-1 single pointed). Ben Smedley scored too little too late.

"If I played how i played in the last 30 seconds throughout the game we sure had a chance to win, although we could not find any excuse to blame on our lame performance we had to admit that we were beaten by the better team..."

Mehran Khan, Kyle Landa, Hasnain Iqbal, Ben Smedley, Ryan Long and an incredible last minute imput by Thomas Wilkinson all played well throughout the matches in the contest.

Right now, Interhouse football is going on with some incredible results and when i get the full score sheet then i will put all the scores on. Good luck with all the teams taking part and hope you all have great matches!

Contributed by Ben Smedely.

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