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Devarnie Lothain, in one of his profile pictures on Facebook.

"I will repeatedly stab you with a spoon. No shit, I really will" -- Devarnie Lothain to George Peters

Devarnie Lothain is a student born on 10th February 1997. Devarnie is a year 9 student, who can be seen working in Pathway 1. Devarnie is in the Thorpe house.


Early Life "Devarnie was a wonderful little boy. Everyday he used to say to his mum he loved him ever so much. BUT THEN HE TURNED OUT TO BECOME A DICK. I'm joking." Devarnie's early life requires more and true information. If you have information on this, please edit and recite this article.

Life at BluecoatEdit

Devarnie's life at Bluecoat is substationally brilliant. Devarnie's signs of intelligence can be often seen through the fact that he works in Pathway 1. Being in science classes with such legends as Haider Saleem, Max Taylor, Esther Samson, Joanna Walton, and Rutendo Shangwa, Devarnie often talks about interesting topics. Whether it being jokes, or serious matters, Devarnie can create interesting conversation.


Devarnie is a friendly and funny character, one who can generate interesting conversation in a matter of seconds. Being reliant and trustworthy, Devarnie has proved himself to be a very good friend. Some may say that he 'never ceases to amaze". Devarnie has also proven to be a very popular chracter throughout year 9, one who can be recognised mostly for his humour. A very legendary and caring person, and one that compliments and praises people when they need it the most.


Devarnie is a spritulaist, and often meditates and interacts with his sub-concious. Believing that Christianity has too many flaws, Devarnie practices spirtualisim, and often creates interesting conversations, such as the ability to perform Telekenesis. Music Please add more information on Devarnie's musical tastes. As an asian, I do not know. And I do not see how being asian effects my knowledge on this matter. WTF?

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