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Chloe Chappell, as seen as her Facebook profile picture.

"Why die when you can live?" -- Chloe Chappell

Chloe Chappell (formally known as Chloe Athena Chappell) is a student born on 13th April 1997 (age 13). Chloe is a year 9 student at Aspley Lane, who can be seen working in Pathway 1. Chloe Chappell is in the Inglis house.


Early LifeEdit

Chloe is not currently sharing information about her early life.

Life at BluecoatEdit

Chloe's life at Bluecoat as 'Eventful, but uneventful'. In year 7, Chloe was very quiet, as were all year 7's. During the course of the year, Chloe became more confident and communicating more with her school friends. In year 8, Chloe became increasingly popular, and intelligent. In year 9, Chloe entered pathway 1. Friends of Chloe have described her as an awesome individual.

Awards/School HonoursEdit

Chloe, being an extremely intelligent individual, entered pathway 1 in year 9. Chloe was once a house captain for Mellors, when Max Taylor gave Chloe his badge. She was glad to have it.


Chloe's personality is simply legendary. Chloe is an amazing friend, who never ceases to amaze, or help when somebody needs it the most. She is a very loving person, in which many of her friends will agree. Chloe is willing to make as many new friends as possible, and some may see that she is the best. Although she can be criticzed for being on 'the wrong side of an argument', she gets along with most people. She is a totally inspirational person to everyone.


Chloe used to play the acoustic guitar. She gave it up aftwerwards, looking for a different adventure in music. Instead, she found a variety of bands and muscians (with different genres), such as Asking Alexandria, Paramore, Ke$ha, YouMeAtSix, Ed Sheeran, and Pink (stylised P!nk).

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